Culture Flea Market in Hamburg Barmbek

It’s Spring, and Spring is flea market time. As Corona restrictions are gradually removed, a flea market visit almost feels like pre-Corona.

During the Spring and Summer months, there is always a flea market somewhere in Hamburg. You go thrifting and hunting for some good deals. Basically anything that’d be worth nothing on eBay. Some flea markets have a large percentage of professional sellers.

Culture Flea Market Barmbek

The one in Hamburg Barmbek is for second-hand goods only and there are only a few professional looking vendors. Despite having the word „culture“ in the title, it’s a typical flea market. Sure, you can buy some kitsch oil painting – but you might as well invest in vintage clothes or some electronics that look way past their expiration date.

The flea market uses the space around the Museum of Work. That’s opposite Barmbek train station, and you can combine your thrifting with a visit to the museum or the museum’s restaurant. 

What sets this flea market from many others? I’d say the atmosphere. This isn’t a parking lot that’s used as a flea market on Sundays. You have the historic buildings of the museum towering over the market, and of course TRUDE. If you are into flea markets, you could easily spend a few hours here. If you don’t, you may decide to blog about it 😉

Culture Flea Market Barmbek

Culture Flea Market in Hamburg Barmbek Location

Flea Market & TRUDE
Culture Flea Market Barmbek
Flea Market Barmbek: Paintings

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