Liège: So many steps!

Time to use my French again! The first day trip from Aachen with the Euregio ticket was to Liège. Liège is in the French speaking part of Belgium and is probably most famous for the Montagne de Bueren. Surprisingly people live along the stairs and there also seems to be a road to the top which probably isn’t very useful if you live in the middle 😉

Liege Citadelle

If you go further from the top to the Citadelle, you will find some old defense building from WWII and some nice spots for looking over the city below.

Liege Montagne de Bueren: Many steps

Another sight is the ultra-modern train station Liège Guillemins which is unfortunately not in the city centre so I changed trains at Guillemins. Then I went to the tourist office where I got a free city map and a leaflet explaining the sights of the city.

What I did find out when I was looking for a restaurant was that my vocabulary is really lacking in the culinary area.

Liege old building
Liege old building

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