Dieter Rams Exhibition – Less and More

Dieter Rams is a legendary product designer for the German company Braun. His influence is visible in every iPod, iPhone or Mac. Jonathan Ives was heavily influenced by Rams’ design philosophy.

The exhibition “Less and More” was held in the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum. The design is timeless, although the electronic devices themselves are not. Braun is still in business but no more the industry design leader. The company lost against competition from Japan.

Some of the items are now sought after by collectors. If I had the space, I wouldn’t mind having a few of those devices too. But while the design is certainly timeless, an apartment full of Apple and Braun devices would look sterile, almost like a hospital.

Mia Jaap

Journalist, developer and passionate about Japanese and Korean language. Loves to travel in Japan, but is open to explore the major and lesser known sights of Germany.

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