Eating in Heidelberg

Probably the most unexpected trip this year was the trip to Heidelberg. Our primary destination today was Speyer of course but since the ICE back to Hamburg would leave Mannheim central station at 19:53, we had plenty of time to spare after Speyer. What’s quite cool about these three cities is that they are connected with the S-Bahn. So you can visit three cities in a sensible time frame!

That’s why we travelled to Heidelberg for the sole reason to eat there. There’s a great Korean restaurant that serves dishes from Korea, Japan and China where we went the last time. Although we had time to spare, it didn’t mean that we had enough time to walk the way to the old part of town.

Asian dish

The meal was of course delicious as the last time. Must have something to with me choosing the same meal as last year 😉 But it’s quite yummy, this Korean dish.

Omelette filled with rice

The Korean dish I chose (map).

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