Let it Snow… in Hamburg!

Many people are dreaming of a white Christmas and this year (December 2021), northern Germany has been very lucky: It snowed in Hamburg!

For most parts of Germany, chances of a white Christmas are very, very slim. Still, it’s a recurring topic every December. The host will inevitably asks the weather person: “Chances for snow on Christmas?” The weather person will then try to avoid a clear answer until the last couple of days before Christmas.

Hello snow!

Snow is far more likely in January, although heavy snowfall is still a rarity for most of urban Germany. January is of course way too late for the Christmas markets. What’s better than a Christmas market? A Christmas market with snow of course. 

This year, the markets could’ve really used a snow booster. Business was worse compared to pre-Corona times due to tougher health regulations and fear of the growing Omicron variant. In some parts of Germany, Christmas markets were cancelled anyway.

On the 23rd, Northern Germany experienced snow fall – enough for a few hours at least. From the train, I could see allotment gardens covered with a thin layer of snow. Later, the snow fall intensified, giving urban Hamburg a snow layer as well. Some Christmas markets close on the 23rd, so this was a very late present for them…

In Tokyo I learned that the first snow fall is a duty to take as many photos as possible. While I had other conflicting duties, I took a few photos. I hope for more snow in 2022. Northern Germany is not the best travel destination for snow due to a lack of snow.

Mia Jaap

Journalist, developer and passionate about Japanese and Korean language. Loves to travel in Japan, but is open to explore the major and lesser known sights of Germany.

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