Market of Angels at Neumarkt, Cologne

After making a stop at the Heavenue and the Nikolausdorf, I went to the “Market of Angels” (Markt der Engel), one of Cologne’s biggest Christmas markets.

This market is just next to Neumarkt station. Plenty of pedestrian traffic is guaranteed, especially with people combining shopping and Christmas market. The market is called “Market of Angels” and if you’re lucky you’ll meet the Winter Queen, angels or a small unicorn at the market.

Good to know that those ethereal beings have a schedule and announce their presence weeks before. Look at the Christmas market’s website to see what kind of special programme will be live on the day.

Neumarkt Weihnachtsmarkt

Special features

Other than actors walking around in costumes, there are hundreds of stars with lights above the market. That’s possibly the closest to see a sky full of stars in the middle of Cologne! On the ground are plenty of Christmas trees. In addition, those trees also surround the market with a few gaps that serve as entrances. This is not due to the current pandemic – in previous years the “tree barrier” was also built to separate the market from the tram stop.

Neumarkt Markt der Engel Stände

Over seventy booths offer everything expected from a Christmas market: hot whine, churros, potato pancakes, handmade products, socks, candles and more. Cologne’s zoo has a merchandise/ticket booth there and it’s not the only Cologne-themed booth at the Market of Angels.

At the south-east corner is the classic merry-go-round, which is beautiful looking. Not to be missed from any large Christmas market is the nativity scene. At Neumarkt, they definitely went for a more traditional one compared to the Nickolausdorf: No funny animals, it’s just the Three Kings, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and two tourists, I guess.

Neumarkt Markt der Engel Krippe

Since Neumarkt is next to a transportation hub and Cologne’s main shopping street, the Market of Angels (and the Christmas market near the Central Station) tends to get crowded. I was there on a Friday at 5pm.

Note: Because of the worsening pandemic situation in Germany, it may be possible that Christmas markets will be closed before December 23.

Location + more info

Markt der Engel (German)

Open from
November 22-December 23,
everyday 11am-9pm
Friday, Saturday 11am-10pm

Neumarkt, Cologne

Corona rule
2G (vaccinated/recovered)

Neumarkt Markt der Engel Karussell
Neumarkt Markt der Engel Sterne

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